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ZIYOU LANG K87 87-Keys Hot-Swappable Wired Mechanical Keyboard, Cable Length: 1.5m, Style:

SKU TBD0603095604
Original price $25.00 - Original price $28.00
Original price
$25.00 - $28.00
Current price $27.00
Option: K87 Red Shaft (Blue Ice Blue Light)

1. Type-C/USB-C cable connection, personalized keyboard, customized shaft seat
2. Unique structural design, EVA sandwich damping filling silencer cotton is added between PCB and positioning board to reduce the noise caused by percussion shaft body
3. Polymer mixed material two-color injection key cap, long life key cap surface fine particles tan, skin friendly feel comfortable
4. Shaft seat hotplug PCB design, the player body feel free decision axis, as in the shaft
5. The whole key has no conflict, millisecond response crisscrossed the whole room, and quick response
6. High precision adjustment satellite axis performance is more stable
7. Double the ISSP censored, ergonomics, all key hotplug, two-color injection molding, for MAC/WIN general
8. Key number: 87
9. Ltinerary: 3.8mm
10. Working voltage: 5V-500mA
11. Size: 363 x 136 x 37.5mm
12. Weight: 947.9g