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YINDIAO V2 Silent Mechanical Feel Gaming Keyboard Mouse Set

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1. The keyboard adopts two-color injection molded keycaps to reduce the wear caused by long-term use of the keycaps
2. Support light effect adjustment, brightness adjustment, light can be turned off
3. The mouse adopts 5-point multi-directional support, which moves smoothly and is stable without dragging your hands.
4. The delicate skin-like paint coating can effectively reduce hand sweat and reduce sweating and skidding
5. Interface type: USB
6. The number of keyboard buttons: 104, the number of mouse buttons: 7
7. DPI: 1200/1600/2400/3200
8. Cable length: keyboard: 4.45m, mouse 1.39m
9. Dimensions: keyboard 480x195x40mm, mouse 132x77x41mm