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YELANGU L60E 60cm Slide Rail Track + L4 3-Wheel Video Dolly with Phone Clamp & Ballhead

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1. Models used: SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, mobile phones are not limited to models
2. Standard 1/4 and 3/8 screw holes with 1/4 and 3/8 screws can be used with various types of spherical heads
3. It can shoot in a straight line, which is equivalent to an electric slide.
4. It can be shot in a curve, and it can be rotated at a constant speed of 360 degrees.
5. Can be tilted to shoot, unlimited angle.
6. Wireless remote control, the remote control distance is 6 meters
7. Speed can be adjusted, three-speed speed adjustment
8. USB charging, convenient and fast
9. Can be driven on rails
10. The product is powerful, compact, foldable and portable
11. Exquisite gift box packaging design, can be sent to relatives and friends
12. CNC machining, surface anodizing
13. The product adds a buckle on the basis of the track, which can be installed on the trolley, which can effectively prevent the trolley from falling off the slide rail during operation, causing damage to the photographic equipment.
14. The product slide rail pipe is spliced into three parts, which can be disassembled. The length of the slide rail can be independently selected, and the effective stroke is 62cm. Portable and easy to assemble
15. The product is equipped with an adapter screw, which can be adapted to a photography trolley and can be connected to other photography equipment
16. There are adjusting nuts on the four feet of the slide rail, and the slide rail can be balanced by adjusting the nuts.
17. There are 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes on both ends of the slide rail and the bottom connecting plate, which can be connected to other devices
- 1/4 inch screw thread for gimbal is compatible with general purpose
- Rotate the angle adjustment ring to set two support angles.
- The vertical shot notch is convenient for 90-degree shooting.
- Anti-slip effect of the support feet rubber pads.
- The spherical head rotates 360 degrees in multiple directions.
18. Aluminum alloy metal shell, small and light, strong protection.
19. One cold shoe, three 1/4 international threaded holes, expand to connect more devices, can take pictures in three directions, can bring you more fun in life.
20. Gear-shaped adjustment knob, better feel, more flexible adjustment, thickened rubber pad to protect your love machine from injury.