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XINDA Outdoor Three Pulley Cableway Crosses Rock Climbing Hoisting Ball Bearing(Green Gray)

SKU TBD0603476501B
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1. Three-groove pulley, more stable, better fit the rope, polished surface, with internal ball bearings, allowing you to experience a different smoothness
2. The rotatable load-bearing hanging point design saves the cumbersome steps of inserting the rope and directly inserts it into the internal groove, simplifying the operation steps
3. High-strength aviation aluminum material, 2200 kg working load
4. Hard anodizing process, the coloring is more delicate and thick
5. Applicable scenarios: crossing, aerial zipline, training, transportation, rappelling, dragging and hoisting, etc.
6. Suitable rope diameter: 7-11mm
7. Dimensions: 5 x 7cm
8. Weight: 160 grams