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XINDA Outdoor Climbing Daisy Chain Rope Sling Strap Rappelling Downhill 52cm Black

SKU TBD0603464801
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1. Lightweight and portable, lighten the burden for travel
2. Machine-sewn, durable; light weight, high strength, wear-resistant.
3. Multiple rings can easily shorten the length, easy to hang
4. Used for aerial yoga hammock, yoga swing rope, ceiling anchor, rock climbing chain, mountaineering chain. Use for guided aid climbing, ascent rigging, organizing gear, hammock suspension, mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, hammocking, aerial dancing and more.
5. Material: nylon webbing
6. Size: 25cm and 52cm optional
7. Weight: 7g/18g
8. Note: This product is not a PPE device, the hook is not included