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XINDA Climbing Utility Cord for Tree Work Rock Climbing Rappelling ,Size: 60cm

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1. The climbing belt is 60cm 80cm/120cm for your choice, and the width is 2cm. Weighs only 50g/70g/100g
2. Great for tree work: You can use these slings to make anchor systems, ankle loops, Prusik knots, tree climbing self-protection. Plus, you can use these slings to go around the tree, freeing your hands for tree work, and to secure branches and logs after cutting.
3. 22kN breaking strength allows you to use it for hanging tools, rigging or hauling items. For example, you can use them to assemble small equipment so that it can be lifted with a crane.
4. Create top rope anchors for climbing or rappelling, foot loops as ascenders, safety lanyards, self-belay when rappelling, hold climbing rope.
5. Make simple harnesses for building swings, building hammocks, and more. Use your imagination, you can use it in many places.
6. It is made of polyester, which has the characteristics of high strength, good friction, wear resistance and light weight.