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XINBOKE High Power Household Car Sine Wave Inverter 24V 5500W To 220V 2500W(LCD Display)

SKU TBD0603340017
by Ojalu
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1. Protection type: reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, shutdown recovery, undervoltage protection, electric shock protection, overvoltage protection, impact protection,
2. Application range: vehicle, household, solar energy, outdoor
3. Adapter cable length: 50CM
4. Working environment: -15 to 60 degrees Celsius
5. Display mode: LCD input voltage display
6. Material: aluminum alloy shell
7. Output waveform: pure sine wave
8. Input voltage: 12V/24V/48V/60V/72V
9. Output voltage: 220V
10. Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
11. Peak power: 1600W/2000W/3000W/5500W
12. Rated power: 800W/1000W/1500W/2500W
13. Size: 12V: 21x10.5x6.3cm, 24V: 25x10.7x6.3cm, 48V: 30x11x7cm,60V: 38x15x7.8cm, 72V: 38.3x15.3x8cm
14. Weight: 12V: 0.9kg, 24V: 1.2kg, 48V: 1.6kg, 60V: 3kg, 72V: 3.2kg

1. Using intelligent protection chip, it will not damage the battery and electrical appliances, so that the electrical appliances are stable and safe to use
2. Compatible with most devices on the market
3. Inductance, filter current impurities; large capacitor, stable current output
4. High conversion rate, long working hours, more energy saving and safer
5. One-button control of 220V switching power supply, efficient management, safer electricity consumption
6. Buzzer, reminding device input voltage, high voltage, overload, low battery voltage, etc., to remind the abnormal state of the inverter
7. LCD multi-function display, the voltage, power, and load power are clear at a glance, and you can know the running status of the machine in time
8. Intelligent silent fan, lower the internal temperature and last longer
9. Long time trouble-free operation, reliable mobile power station