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XINBOKE 2000W Ruling String Wave Car Inverter Solar Photovoltaic Inverter 60V To 220V

SKU TBD0603345404
by Ojalu
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1. Protection type: reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, shutdown recovery, undervoltage protection, electric shock protection, overvoltage protection, impact protection
2. Application range: vehicle, household, solar photovoltaic
3. Output plug type: universal socket
4. Working environment: -15 to 60 degrees Celsius
5. Input plug type: binding post
6. Shell material: aluminum-magnesium alloy
7. Output waveform: pure sine wave
8. Input voltage: 12V/24V/48V/60V
9. Output voltage: 220V
10. Output current: 4.5A
11. Output power: 1000W
12. Peak power: 2000W
13. No-load current: less than 0.6A
14. Output frequency: 50Hz
15. Adapter cable length: 50cm
16. Cooling type: fan
17. Display mode: input voltage display
18. Product accessories: alligator clip power cord, cigarette lighter cord
19. Size: 24x11x5.5cm
20. Weight: 850g

1. Intelligent protection, high conversion rate, 220V output, powerful performance, corrected sine wave
2. Compatible with most devices on the market
3. Eight security systems, stable and reliable, safe electricity use
4. High conversion rate, long working hours, more energy saving and safer
5. Intelligent fan, fast heat dissipation, when the working temperature of the inverter reaches 45 degrees celsius, the cooling fan will automatically start to work, the higher the temperature, the faster the fan speed, high efficiency and energy saving, the convection air duct design, strengthen the flow through the heat without staying, and the life is longer long