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XILETU DSLR Camera Gimbal Arca Swiss Quick Release Plate Clamp,Spec: Capture Clip+2pcs PQ-38

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1. It is used to quickly pick and place the camera on the shoulder strap to capture more beautiful moments
2. Secondary lock design to ensure the safety of the camera mount
3. Meet the four-way quick installation of the camera, the installation is portable, and the mounting direction can be adjusted according to the size of the lens. The lens is mounted horizontally and sideways to reduce camera shake caused by the lens facing downward during movement
4. Standard Arca-Swiss size, compatible with a variety of professional equipment (only compatible with PQ-38 quick release plate)
5. Add rubber anti-slip design to the back plate to enhance friction and lock easily

1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Weight: 113 grams (including quick release plate)
3. The clampable width is about 60mm, and the clampable thickness is about 8mm
4. Load bearing: less than or equal to 6 kg
5. Capture clip size: 88 x 40 x 21.7mm
6. PQ-38 quick release plate size: 38 x 38mm