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Xiaomi Youpin Thermo Mini Folding Fan with Lighting Function (White)

by Xiaomi
Original price $11.95 - Original price $11.95
Original price
$11.95 - $11.95
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1. Type-C interface, can be plugged in front and back, fast charging.
2. TPE soft plastic fan blades are safe and soft.
3. Folding structure, integrated storage, not occupying space.
4. Using high-performance brushless motor, high-speed and low-noise operation, stable and quiet.
5. The dual-blade structure of the UAV propeller can effectively improve the air efficiency, and the two-speed wind selection can meet different needs.
6. Built-in lamp cap at the bottom, using parabolic curved surface design, direct light illumination, can effectively reduce light loss.
7. Battery capacity: 2000mAH