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Xiaomi Youpin microhoo MH01R Mini Air Conditioning Fan (White)

by Xiaomi
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$38.95 - $38.95
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1. Fast cooling, blowing cool cold wind, adding ice cubes, can quickly reduce the temperature in a short time, high-value, simple design, cool mood all day long!
2. The 99-speed stepless control gives rise to a unique natural wind, and the user-friendly speed control can control your own small coolness.
3. The 1000ml large-capacity water tank avoids the trouble of frequent water addition and has a longer-lasting cooling capacity. The detachable water tank makes direct water injection more labor-saving.
4. The three functions of natural wind, timing, and sleep mode can be switched at will. Sleep mode is turned on at night, and the gear is automatically downgraded. It runs with low noise at 30 stops and enjoys a comfortable summer dream.
5. Type-c interface, stable power supply, support most Android mobile phone data lines, go out] There is no need for a single backup line, and there are multiple power supply methods, such as plug-in strips, computers, and power banks, so you can enjoy the cool anytime and anywhere.
6. Power: 10W
7. Water tank capacity: 1000ML