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Xiaomi Youpin Circle Joy Yuanle CJ-EMF01 USB Electric Milk Frother Household Blender Eggs Mixer

by Xiaomi
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1. Material: ABS
2. Working noise: less than 65dB
3. Yuanle Electric Milk Frother adopts upgraded motor technology, stable speed, strong power, and provides better working efficiency, making each stirring more fully and more delicately. Various food mediums, in the rotating vortex, sublimate into a delicacy.
4. Three gears can be easily controlled by one button. Switching and shifting require only one button. Long press for 2 seconds to switch on/off. A single tap can switch between low, medium and high three gears in sequence. Take control as you like, and do everything easily.
5. The use of environmentally friendly and durable lithium batteries, 1500 mAh battery capacity, long standby and battery life, let you sway your gourmet talents. a?aSB charging port, convenient for charging, without the hassle of buying a battery.
6. If the product continues to work at a high speed, the product may experience overheating, which will trigger the built-in overheating protection mechanism, which automatically cuts off the power to dissipate heat, protects the product and prolongs its service life. To avoid the risk of overheating, it is safer to use.
7. The mixing head will be in direct contact with food and beverages. Yuanle carefully selects 304 stainless steel that meets food contact standards, so that every food and beverage can be enjoyed with peace of mind.
8. The milk shaker is equipped with two mixing heads of different shapes, both of which adopt a ring structure, without sharp corners, and are not easy to hurt your hands. After use, rinse directly with water, which is convenient and easy.