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Wintact WT319A -50-400 Celsius LCD Display Infrared Thermometer, Battery Not Included

SKU EDA0033970
by Wintact
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1. This infrared thermometer is used for measuring the tem perature of the object''s surface, which is applicable for va rious hot, hazardous or hard-toreach objects without contact
2. Safely and quickly
3. Response time 500 mSec, 95% response
4. Spectral response: 5-14 um
5. This unit consist of Optics, Temperature Sensor Signal amplifier, Processing circuit and LCD Display. The Optics collected the infrared energy emitted by object and focus onto the Sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into an electricity signal. This signal will be turned out to be digital shown on the LCD after the signal amplifier and processing circuit
6. Power: 2 x AAA battery(Not Included)
7. Measuring range: -50-400 Celsius