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Waveshare WAVEGO 12-DOF Bionic Dog-Like Robot, Extension Pack(EU Plug)

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The WAVEGO is a high-DOF bionic dog-like robot which features large torque servos, reliable structure, and flexible motion, incorporating devices like front camera, 9-axes motion tracker, RGB indicator, etc., together with open source multi-platform Web application. It uses the ESP32 as sub controller for connecting rod inverse solving and gait generation, sharing calculating task for the host controller, an additional Raspberry Pi can be attached as the host controller for high-level decision operating.

1. Overall 12-DOF, multi connecting rods leg design, increasing the servo effective torque
2. A real time operating system is used as sub controller for connecting rod inverse solving and gait generation, sharing calculating task for the host controller and improving the gait solving efficiency
3. Ultra compact structure design, allows using on the table, aluminum alloy + nylon structure materials, ensuring strength while keeping it light weight
4. Additional Raspberry Pi can beattached as the host controller to enable OpenCV high-level functions, demo codes including facial recognition, motion detection, color tracking, and more. Reserved extension interface for secondary development, along with user manual and secondary development documents.

1. Product name: WAVEGO high-DOF bionic quadruped robot
2. Stand up: length 218mm, width 116mm, height 152mm
3. Lie down: length 228mm, width 116mm, height 127mm
4. Overall weight: 554g (with batteries)
5. DOF: 12 overall, 3 per single leg

Operating system:
Demo code: FreeRTOS + Raspberry Pi OS

Motion performance:
1. Available gait: Shake hands, stand up, crouch slowly, diagonal gait , jump, self-balancing
2. Motion extension: Providing motion programming example, including flexible Bezier curve speed motion function
3. Load: 200g

Servo info.:
1. Dimensions: 23.2 x12.1 x25.25 mm
2. Weight: 13.0 +/- 1g
3. Operating voltage: 6V
4. Idle speed: 0.1sec/60 degree (100RPM)
5. Stalling torque: (
6. Rated load:
7. Rated current: 350mA
8. Control method: Pulse width modification
9. Control system type: Digital comparator

Visual function:
1. FreeRTOS demo: Web-based real time video streaming
2. Raspberry Pi OS demo: Real time video streaming, facial recognition, color tracking, moving object detection
Note: All the demo codes are open sourced, the Raspberry Pi OS demo is based on open source projects flask-streaming and OpenCV

Processor and memory:
1. ESP32 sub controller: Processor: Xtensa LX6 dual-core processor 240MHz
2. SRAM: 520KB+8MB
3. Flash: 448KB+4MB

1. WiFi standard: 802.11b/g/n
2. Bluetooth standard: Bluetooth 4.2, including traditional Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth low energy (BLE)
3. External port: 2 x 5P multi-function extension port (host controller communication, power supply selection, assembly mode selection, etc.)
4. DC battery charger jack: Type-C (download, UART communication, peripheral expansion)

Power supply:
1. Battery type: 18650 Li-ion batteries (NOT included)
2. Supply voltage: 7-8.4V
3. Recharge voltage: 8.4V
4. Protection: Over charge, discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse proof, equalizing charge, stable and safe operating
5. Output voltage: provides 5V output for other host controller

Package List
1. WAVEGO body case x 1
2. WAVEGO basic parts x 1
3. Semi-transparent acrylic panel x 1
4. Double-sided sticker x 1
5. WAVEGO base board x 1
6. 2MP camera x 1
7. 2.4G antenna x 1
8. 0.91inch OLED display x 1
9. Micro thrust bearing x 14
10. Micro ball flange bearing x 30
11. USB cable (~1m) x 1
12. Plus screwdriver x 1
13. Cross wrench sleeve x 1
14. IPEX 1 to SMA cable (~17cm) x 1
15. Jumper wire (~20cm) x 4
16. 4 PIN PH2.0 cable x 1
17. Servo pack x 1
18. 8.4V 2A battery charger x 1
19. Screws and standoffs x 1