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Waveshare UART TO ETH (B) TTL UART To Ethernet Mini Module

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1. Basic function: realize the bi-directional transparent transmission function of serial port and Ethernet interface
2. Ethernet: common network port
3. Isolation protection: without isolation
4. Serial port: TTL
5. Power supply: DC 3.3V/5V
6. Power supply method: row of pins / pads
7. Application scenario: can be used as serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway, suitable for data acquisition, IoT gateway, security IoT and smart meter monitoring, etc.
8. Size: about 34 x 23 x 11.5mm

Serial port parameters:
1. Baud rate: 300-115200bps
2. Data bits: 5-9 bits
3. Flow control: with flow control

2. Configuration mode: host computer configuration, WEB browser, device management function library
3. Communication mode: TCP/IP direct communication, virtual serial port mode
4. Data transmission mode: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Group, UDP
5. Modbus gateway: Modbus TCP to RTU
6. Other functions: custom heartbeat packets/registration packets, custom web pages, etc.

1. Compact size, easy integration, low power consumption
2. Can be quickly embedded into industrial, IoT and security and other areas of product applications
3. Designed with postage stamp hole sinker process, highly integrated package, supports multiple ways to embed into various product applications
4. Support a variety of communication modes, support TCP server / TCP client / UDP multicast / UDP mode
5. Support Modbus gateway, suitable for Modbus network upgrade, can cooperate with 3D force control modal components
6. Customized heartbeat packet and registration packet, convenient for communication and device identification with the cloud
7. Support NTP protocol, get network time for serial output or for protocol content upload
8. Support web page and upper computer configuration
9. Pin out control pins, easy to embed or connect to user devices and various MCU master control devices
10. With a variety of indicators, easy to view the working status of the module