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Waveshare TOF Laser Range Sensor (B), UART / I2C Bus (Black)

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About The Protuct
1. The TOF Laser Range Sensor (B) is a TOF-based (time of flight) laser ranging sensor with embedded MCU and ranging algorithm, which is capable of offering up to 15m measuring range, +/-2% accuracy, and 1mm resolution. It supports UART or I2C communication bus, features longer measuring distance and higher light interference resistance capability due to its ultra narrow FOV, suitable for either indoor or outdoor condition.
2. This sensor can be widely used in applications like common distance measuring, robot obstacle avoidance / route planning, as well as drone altitude setting / ceiling detection, and more...

1. Typical measurement range: 0.10 ~ 15.0m
2. Typical measurement accuracy: 0.10 ~ 2m +/-2cm; 2 ~ 15m +/-2%
3. Resolution: 1mm
4. Wavelength: 750 ~ 830nm, compliant with IEC 60825-1:2014 Edition 3 Class2
5. Field of View (FOV): 1 degree ~ 2 degrees
6. Communication interface:
- UART (3.3V TTL signal level)
- I2C (cascading support, slave address is 0x08+module ID)
7. Baud rate:
- UART: 115.2Kbps ~ 3000Kbps (default is 921.6Kbps)
- I2C: Up to 400Kbps
8. Cascade support: Up to 8 x cascade (via I2C)
9. Power supply: 3.7 ~ 5.2V (anti-reverse connection)
10. Power consumption: 610mW (UART active output, 5.0V power supply, 122mA current)
11. Weight: 7.7g
12. Operating temperature: -10 degree C ~ 60 degree C
13. Dimensions: 22.7 x 28 x 13.6mm (Lx W x H)

Package List
Note: The USB TO TTL is recommended for easy testing.
1. TOF Laser Range Sensor (B) x1
2. GH1.25 4PIN wire x1
3. GH1.25 4PIN squid wire x1