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Waveshare Metal Box A for Raspberry Pi CM4 IO Board, with Cooling Fan

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$14.95 - $14.95
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1. Mini computer chassis, robust and dust-proof, nice looking
2. Tailored For Compute Module 4 IO Board: Make it easy to build your own Raspberry Pi CM4 mini PC
3. Break-out 40PIN GPIO Header: The standard 40 PIN GPIO header is still available, make it easy to connect sorts of HATs
4. Precise cut-out with clear label: Each cut-out Is completely aligned with the connector
5. Come with cooling fan, combined with airflow vent, better heat dissipation
6. Application: Binocular vision, PoE powered Raspberry Pi Projects, or other industrial context

Package List
1. Metal case (top and bottom) x 1
2. 40PIN GPIO adapter x 1
3. Fan-4010-PWM-12V x 1
4. Screwdriver x 1
5. Screws pack x 1