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Waveshare Isolated RS485 CAN HAT For Raspberry Pi

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1. Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO extension header, supports Raspberry Pi series boards
2. 1-Ch CAN, adopts MCP2515 controller and CAN transceiver, converts SPI to CAN
3. 2-Ch RS485, adopts SC16IS752+SP3485 dual-chip combination, converts SPI to RS485
4. Onboard power conversion circuit, supports 8~28V wide voltage power supply, can power the Raspberry Pi at the same time
5. Onboard unibody power supply isolation, providing stable isolated voltage, no extra power supply required for the isolated terminal
6. Onboard unibody digital isolation, for isolating the signal, reliable and jamproof, low power consumption
7. Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppress surge voltage and transient spike voltage in the circuit, lightningproof & anti-electrostatic
8. Onboard resettable fuse and protection diodes, ensures the current/voltage stable outputs, provides over-current/over-voltage proof, improves shock resistance
9. Onboard 120Ω terminal resistor, configured by jumper
10. Onboard terminals and pin headers, more convenient connection
11. Breakout SPI control pins, for connecting with host control boards