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Waveshare High-Torque Serial Bus Servo, Desktop Robotic Arm Kit, Based On ESP32, 5-DOF, Plug:EU Plug

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1. RoArm-M1 is a serial robotic arm with a total of 5 degrees of freedom, including the gripping degree of freedom of the gripper
2. Two control methods in the demonstration: angle control and coordinate control
3. Support Leading-following mode based on ESP-NOW
4. Support motion recording and playback control mode
5. Based on ESP32, it supports WIFI and UART communication, and provides a variety of motion model demos and cross-platform web applications
6. Support multiple host computers and provide rich learning resources such as ROS 2 demo
7. Weight: 1.894 kg

Packing list:
-RoArm-M1 robotic arm x 1
-Adapter x 1