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Waveshare D300 Developer Kit, DTOF Laser Ranging Sensor, 360 Omni-Directional Lidar, UART Bus

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About The Protuct
LD19 is mainly composed of laser ranging core, wireless transmission unit, wireless communication unit, angle measuring unit, motor driving unit, and mechanical housing.The LD19 ranging core adopts DTOF technology to measure 4500 times each second. When it works, LD19 emits the infrared laser forward, the laser is reflected to the single photon receiving unit after encountering the target object. Thus, we get both time of laser emitting and receiving, the gap between them is time of flight. With the light speed, we can calculate the distance.After receiving distance data, LD19 will combine them with angel value getting from angle measurement unit to comprise the points cloud data, then transmitting the points cloud data to external interface via wireless communication. Meanwhile, the external interface provides PWM to allow the motor driving unit to drive the motor. After the external control unit gets the rotational speed , it will reach to specified speed through PID algorithm closed-loop control to ensure LD19 work stably.

1. Based on TOF (Time of Flight) laser ranging technology
2. Support UART communication
3. Measuring radius 12m
4. 30K Lux anti-glare interference
5. 4500Hz measurement frequency
6. 360 degree scanning range
7. Laser Safety Meets FDA Class 1 Standards
8. Compact appearance
9. 10000+ hours service life

1. Ranging Distance: 0.02 ~ 12.00 m
2. Ranging Average accuracy: +/-45 mm (within 0.3~12.00m)
3. Sweep Frequency: 5 ~ 13 Hz (Typ 10)
4. Scanning Angle: 360 degrees
5. Ranging Frequency: 4500 Hz
6. Resolution: 15mm
7. Wavelength: 895 ~ 915 nm (Typ 905)
8. Communication interface: UART 230400
9. Ambient Light Resistance: 30 KLux
10. Power Supply: 5V
11. Power Consumption: About 0.9W
12. Operating Current: 180mA
13. Operating Temperature: -10 degree C ~ 40 degree C
14. Lifetime: 10000+ hours
15. Dimensions: 54.00 x 46.29 x 34.80mm
16. Weight: 47g

Package List
1. DTOF LIDAR LD19 x 1
2. Adapter x 1
3. USB cable 50cm x 1
4. 4 Pin cable 100mm x 1