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Waveshare 23950 Industrial Serial Server RS232 to RJ45 Ethernet TCP/IP to Serial

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1. Product type: serial server, Modbus gateway, MQTT gateway
2. Basic functions: bidirectional transparent data transmission between RS232 and Ethernet
3. Communication interface: RS232 port x 1, Ethernet port x 1
4. Power supply: DC 6 ~ 36V
5. Ethernet: ordinary network port PoE network port; support IEEE 802.3af standard; 10 / 100M auto-negotiation RJ45 connector, 2KV surge protection
6. Baud rate: 300 ~ 115200 bps
7. Parity bit: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
8. Data bits: 5 ~ 9 bits
9. Flow Control: N/A
10. Protocol: Ethernet, IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS
11. Configuration: host, web browser, device management function library
12. Communication method: TCP/IP direct communication, VCOM
13. Operation mode: TCP server, TCP client (coexist with TCP server), UDP, UDP multicast
14. Dimensions: 87x36x59mm
15. Easily combine multiple DIN rail serial servers, more freedom
16. Two-way transparent data transmission between RS232 and Ethernet
17. Suitable for Modbus Gridding upgrade, can be used with specific configuration software
18. MQTT/JSON to Modbus, more flexible conversion between different protocols
19. Multi-host polling support, different network devices will be recognized and responded separately, and there will be no crosstalk problems when communicating with multiple network devices
20. Multi-host polling support, easy cloud communication and device identification
21. NTP protocol support, obtain network time information for serial output or data upload
22. Multiple configuration methods, support web browser configuration, obtain dynamic IP through DHCP, and connect to domain server address through DNS protocol