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Waveshare 23949 USB To RS485/422 Isolated Converter, FT232RL And SP485EEN

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1. Onboard original FT232RL and SP485EEN chips; fast communication speed, stable and reliable, better compatibility
2. On-board integrated power isolation, providing stable isolation voltage, no additional power supply is required at the isolation end
3. Onboard integrated digital isolation, signal isolation, high reliability, strong anti-interference, low power consumption
4. Onboard TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor), effectively suppressing surge voltage and transient peak voltage in the circuit, lightning protection and anti-static
5. On-board self-recovery fuse and protection diode to ensure stable current/voltage output, provide over-current/over-voltage protection, and improve impact resistance
6. Onboard 15KV ESD isolation protection and 600W lightning surge protection
7. The RS485/RS422 interface has a 120R terminal resistor on board, which is enabled by default and can be configured by jumpers
8. 3 LEDs to indicate power and transceiver status
9. Industrial-grade rail-type ABS shell design, small size, easy installation, high cost performance

Product parameters:
1. Baud rate: FT232RNL (300bps-3Mbps)
2. Host port: USB
3. Device port: RS485/422
4. Working voltage: 5V
5. Connector: USB-B
6. Protection: 200mA resettable fuse, ESD protection
7. Transmission distance: about 5m
8. Connector: screw terminal
9. Pins: A+, B-, PE
10. Direction control: hardware automatic control
11. Protection: 600W lightning protection surge suppression, 15KV ESD protection (120R balance resistor on board)
12. Transmission distance: about 1.2km (low speed)
13. Transmission method: point-to-multipoint (MAX32 nodes, repeaters are recommended for more than 16 nodes)
14. LED indicator light: PWR: red power indicator light, it is on when there is a USB connection and voltage is detected; TXD: green TX indicator light, it is on when the USB port sends data; RXD: blue RX indicator light, when the device port sends data back lights up
15. Working environment temperature: minus 15-70 degrees Celsius
16. Humidity: 5%-95% RH
17. Operating system: Mac, Linux, Android, WinCE, Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP
18. Shell: rail type ABS shell, suitable for 35mm DIN rail
19. Product size: 81.9 × 54.0 × 32.0mm
20. Weight: 104 grams

Packing list:
-USB to RS485/422 x 1
-1.2mUSB-A to USB-B cable x 1
-Screwdriver x 1