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Waveshare 23730 ESP32 Multi-Functional General Driver Board For Robots, Supports WIFI/Bluetooth/ESP-NOW

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1. Based on the ESP32-WROOM-32 module, it supports WIFI, Bluetooth, ESP-NOW and other wireless communications
2. Onboard motor control interface for 2x DC motors with encoder or 4x DC motors without encoder (2 groups)
3. Onboard serial bus steering gear control interface, which can control up to 253 ST3215 serial bus steering gears and obtain steering gear feedback
4. Onboard 9-axis IMU, obtain attitude and heading information at any time
5. Support 7-13V power input, can be directly powered by 2S or 3S lithium battery module
6. Automatic download circuit, easy to upload program
7. Support input voltage/current monitoring
8. Onboard TF card slot
9. Onboard lidar interface and integrated UART to USB function
10. I2C interface for connecting peripherals such as OLED, IMU and other I2C devices
11. Adapt multi-function expansion connectors for additional functions, such as controlling servos or relays
12. Onboard 40PIN GPIO header, used to connect to the host (Raspberry Pi/Jetson Nano, etc.) and supply power to it, communicate through serial port or I2C
13. Provide open source demos and detailed tutorials for novices, easy to get started

Product parameters:
1. Control module: ESP32-WROOM-32
2. Control chip: ESP32
3. Power supply: DC 7-13V
4. Power interface: XH2.54
5. Antenna connector: IPEX1
6. Interface: Type-C
7. Wireless communication: WIFI, Bluetooth, ESP-NOW
8. Mounting hole spacing: 49 x 58mm
9. Installation hole diameter: 3mm
10. Dimensions: 65 x 65mm
11. Weight: 49 grams

Packing list:
-Robot Universal Drive x 1
-Screw Pack x 1