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Waveshare 23316 M.2 to PCIe 4-Ch Expander, Using With PCIe X1 to PCIe X16

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1. Transfer interface: PCIe X1 female port x4, M.2 Mkey male port x1
2. Operating system: Windows / Linux
3. For M.2 M interface to PCIe port, M2-PCIe-Switch-4P supports 1-Ch M.2 M to 4-Ch PCIe X1 (Note: output is PCIe X1 port, not USB port)
4. Reinforced design for better protection
5. Multi-layer circuit board for lossless transmission
6. Clean interface layout can effectively reduce interface interference and ensure stable data transmission
7. Expand to 4 lanes of PCIe ports, suitable for application scenarios that require multiple PCIe ports at the same time
9. Dimensions: 80.0 x 22.0mm