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by Vaydeer

Vaydeer Computer Monitor Increased Desktop Screen Desktop Storage Base

SKU TBD0533328901
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$19.00 - $34.00
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Option: Simple Configuration

1. Material: ABS+PC+black matte galvanized iron
2. Net weight: 1620 g
3. Dimensions: 546 x 200 x 90mm
4. Style: modern and simple
5. Features: wireless charging, increased storage, USB3.0 expansion, metal body
6. Installation method: screw embedded
7. Increase storage, side USB expansion: support keyboard, mouse, U disk, hard disk, Bluetooth, receiver and other devices
8. Pick up and use, put down to charge: MAX: 15W, support wireless charging mobile phones and other devices with QI wireless charging protocol
9. USB function assembly: UDB accessories on both sides can be assembled as required
10. Note: When assembling on both sides, please pay attention to the gap fit, and gradually press in. When the innermost is pressed, the buckle will be automatically locked