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ULT-unite Gold-plated Head HDMI Male to Micro HDMI Male Nylon Braided Cable, Cable Length: 1.2m (Black)

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1. Aluminum alloy shell, oxidation, laser carving
2. Two-shot in-mold integral injection molding
3. Ultra-high speed HDMI cable, supporting 21Gbps data transfer rate
4. HDCP compatible
5. Support 30/36/48bit color depth to achieve 1 billion color display needs
6. Support 32-channel audio
7. Support dual display, can send dual video streams to multiple users simultaneously, support multi-stream audio to multiple users
8. Support 4K x 2K, 60HZ resolution, easier to achieve PC/CE interconnected audio and video synchronization transmission
9. Support 21:9 aspect ratio display
10. Mainly used in the connection between mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, game consoles, projectors, displays and other devices and real-time transmission of audio and video signals between them
11. Cable length: 1.2m