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UC28C Mini Portable Projector Family LED Small Mobile Phone Projector For Children(Black)

by Sunsky
SKU SYA00756901B
1. Wired phone with the same screen - (UC28C)
2. Resolution: 320*180
3 brightness: 10 ANSI
4. Volume: 9.8*8.7*4.9 cm (smaller than the palm of your hand)
5. Bare weight: 0.2kg,
6. One case of 20 sets: gross weight 7.7kg
7. All together with packing accessories: 0.35kg
8. Interface: USB/TF/AV/5V IN mobile power interface/headphone jack/power interface
9. Accessories: red, yellow and white AV cable +USB power supply cable + manual
10. Special instructions: 1. The machine has no adapter, so the customer needs to provide the mobile phone charging head for power supply