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Tteoobl One-Shoulder Crossbody Drifting Diving Bag Waterproof Sundries Storage Bag, Size: Medium (Pink)

SKU TBD0602687607
by Tteoobl
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1. It can store some small valuables, so as not to get sand, dust, water, etc.
2. The waterproof depth can reach 20 meters, which can safely store electronic products, that is, carry-on clothes
3. Safe design, fashionable and generous, hot spring beach bag
4. Thickened bottom, wear-resistant and non-slip; see-through window, clear at a glance
5. Assemble the lanyard for easy travel; seamless lamination, firm and durable
6. Internal seamless sealing strip, good waterproof effect
7. The sealing adopts multiple waterproof switches, which is more firm
8. Use environment: rafting, maldives snorkeling, swimming, outdoor field sports, rain, travel and rain protection, etc.
9. Material: PVC
10. Note: Please test with a paper towel before each use to ensure that there is no problem, and then put the phone into use
11. Description: The product only contains the storage bag, no other
12. Dimensions: small: 17.4 x 6.5 x 13.5cm, medium: 18.8 x 8 x 17cm, large: 24 x 12 x 19.5cm
13. Weight: Small: 158g, Medium: 183g, Large: 242g