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TROS X Global Intelligent Power Control System for Honda CRV 2007-2011, with Anti-theft / Learning Function

by Sunsky
Original price $474.000 - Original price $474.000
Original price
$474.000 - $474.000
Current price $474.000
1. Shell made of ABS material, durable to use.
2. Push back feeling super, instant feeling surging power, throttle lighter, engine response more quickly, speed up faster, shift more smoothly, intelligent evolution, subvert your imagination of the throttle controller.
3. A variety of modes, meet the daily variety of driving.
4. Anti-theft function, into the anti-theft mode, the throttle into idle state, this time stampede throttle is ineffective.
5. Intelligent system, after installed, the product can automatically adjust the style according to driving style.
6. Learning function, after installing the product, the effect is not satisfactory, you can try to use the learning function to automatically adjust.

1. Step 1: Find the signal port for the accelerator pedal of the car.
2. Step 2: Remove the throttle signal port of the original car.
3. Step 3: Then connect the host to the pedal.
4. Step 4: Place the display conditioner in the appropriate position and the installation is complete.
5. Tips:
1. First of all, the direction of each plug and socket is clearly contrasted.
2. When installing, make sure that the directions of each plug and socket are clear.
3. After installation, start the car in neutral or P gear and make sure the accelerator is effective.
4. If there are other queries, you can consult the customer service to solve.