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Tenwin 8302 Adjustable Electric Eraser With Rubber Refills For Sketch Drawing Erasing(White)

SKU TBD0602664201B
by Tenwin
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1. Use: Painting finishing eraser
2. Two kinds of diameter pen tips (2.3mm/5mm) can be switched, thick tip for local wiping and thin tip for detail wiping
3. Wipe clean without hurting the paper
4. Power supply mode: 2 AA batteries (battery not included)
5. Material: plastic
6. Net weight: 75 grams

packing list:
Electric Eraser x 1
Metal rubber clip x 1 (assembled)
Plastic rubber clip x 2
Rough Eraser x 12(5 x 25mm)
Thin rubber x 10 (2.3x 25mm)