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TBK 938M Multi-station Mobile Phone Screen Water Mill Polishing Machine(UK Plug)

SKU EDA004391901C
by TBK
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$2,112.95 - $2,112.95
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1. Power: 1000W
2. Power Inlet: 110V/220V
3. Intelligent screen polishing machine, built-in silent air pump, built-in liquid circulation, intelligent LCD screen control
4. The water mill is filled with water for polishing, and the scratches on the mobile phone screen are polished and repaired so that each polishing is like using a new machine
5. Professional wool polishing pad, take care of your phone (when the wool polishing pad is polished and polished
need to be replaced with a new polishing pad)
6. One machine is multi-purpose, can work with two or four mobile phones at the same time, improve efficiency and avoid waiting time
7. Equipped with electronic constant pressure valve, precise control of airflow
8. Intelligent LCD screen control, simple operation, easy to use
9. Package includes:
- 1 x Water mill polishing machine
- 1 x Power cable
10. Steps:
- Check the water tank inside the machine and add two-thirds of clean water (if the grinding powder is put first, the grinding powder can be put into clean water with a ratio of 1:5 for mixing, that is, 1kg grinding powder and 5L water)
- Connect the power supply and turn on the switch
- Put the UV-cured waterproof mobile phone and place the polishing tray
- Turn on the emergency stop button to display the LCD screen
- Select the corresponding (small, medium, and large)fast intelligent grinding and polishing according to the scratch degree
- Put polishing powder on the polishing pad during product polishing (better effect in 1 minute and 7 minutes)
11. Note: TBK 938M Built -in 8 repair stations