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TBK-207 Portable Intelligent Air Tightness Detector Built-in Vacuum Pump(EU Plug)

SKU EDA004392401A
by TBK
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1. Power: 20W
2. Waterproof: IP68
3. Pressure: -40~20Kpa
4. Control System: PLC automatic control
5. TBK-207 intelligent air tightness detector, lightweight and portable, multi-purpose, easy to use, multi-brand testable pressure limit
6. In addition to the mini, the performance is also very strong
7. Built-in vacuum pump, first test the tightness of the product under negative pressure, then carry out positive pressure automatic detection of product
8. Negative/positive pressure maximum and minimum pressure values can be set
9. Adjustable platform, multi-directional mobile phone detection
10. HD display, fully intelligent detection, vacuum, positive pressure, and automatic modes
11. Vacuum mode, negative pressure testing product air tightness
12. Positive pressure mode, detecting and diagnosing product air leaks
13. Automatic mode, negative pressure first and then positive pressure detection and diagnosis
14. The air tightness testing repair station can support all series of models
15. Control stress and your cell phones within the pressure range keep the phone undamaged