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Sunnylife ZJ554 Magnetic Wearable Neck Phone Action Camera Holder (Black)

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1. Unlock the POV angle of view: The first-person perspective neck neck shooting has a stronger sense of substitution than handheld shooting, and it is close to the eyes, bringing you more shocking visual effects.
2. Built-in 8 high-strength magnets, strong adsorption, sports photography is not afraid of bumps.
3. Small displacement is automatically corrected, and the adsorption is not misplaced to maintain the positive direction.
4. "Invisible" magnetic design: Invisible wearing under clothing, docile fit without shaking, quick magnetic disassembly.
5. Unlimited viewing angle: Easily switch between horizontal and vertical screens; you can also flip the camera up and down to adjust the shooting angle arbitrarily.
6. Wide range of applications: can be used in a variety of sports cameras, such as for GoPro series, Osmo Action series, Insta360 series, Feimi FIMI series...

1. Model: ZJ554
2. Material: Magnet, plastic, lanyard
3. Net weight: 73g