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Sunnylife MM3-GS389 For Mini 3 Pro DJI RC with Screen Remote Control Leather Lanyard(Black Gray)

SKU TBD0602670101A
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1. CNC finishing aluminum alloy hanging buckle, high strength and hardness, durable and more secure
2. Leather lanyard, low-key matte texture, delicate touch; precision craftsmanship, safe and reliable
3. Three-hole multi-purpose hanging buckle, single and double buckle lanyards can be switched at will
4. No disassembly and storage, one installation for continuous use
5. Does not block the hole position and does not affect the wiring
6. Comfortable decompression, release hands, safe and reliable
7. Microfiber lining, delicate and soft, comfortable texture
8. High-density braided belt, wear-resistant, long-term carrying, durable
9. Metal-resistant hook, high strength and strong bearing capacity
10. Exquisite craftsmanship, tight sewing, strict edging
11. Material: PU leather + aluminum alloy
12. Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
13. Fold length: 62.5-80cm
14. Gross weight: 85g