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Sunnylife MM3-FI411 For Mini 3 Pro Filter, Color: ND4 / PL

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1. Ultra-light filter, light weight does not increase the load of the gimbal
2. CPL and ND/PL are adjustable filters, the golden frame can be rotated as needed when shooting to achieve satisfactory polarizing requirements
3. Use professional German imported optical glass lenses, the image is clearer, and your work is more professional
4. CPL and ND/PL are adjustable filters, the golden mirror ring can be rotated as needed when shooting to achieve satisfactory polarization requirements
5. CNC finishing, aluminum alloy mirror ring
6. Waterproof, oilproof and scratchproof, effectively protect the lens
7. Multi-layer coating, high transparency and high brightness, restore the true color, and take pictures more wonderfully
8. CPL adjustable polarizing filter: mainly used to eliminate harmful non-metallic reflected light, increase the color concentration to deepen the sky blue, highlight white clouds, make the picture more transparent, and improve the clarity and expressiveness of the picture; it is also often used in Shoot behind glass, clear water, underwater objects, and more
9. ND light-reduction filter: It is mainly used when the light is too bright, so that the camera can choose the correct exposure value by reducing the amount of light entering, so as to avoid overexposure; it can also resist a large amount of scattered light, which can improve the color saturation of the picture and make the picture more beautiful. More transparent and beautiful; using the ND filter, you can also use a slower shutter speed to shoot some special effects, such as foggy water, light trails at night, etc. When shooting videos in the hot sun, you can reduce the shutter speed through the ND filter, so that the video picture has proper motion blur and looks more comfortable
10. ND/PL adjustable light reduction and polarized filter: It combines the advantages of ND light reduction and CPL polarized lenses, breaks through the limitations of traditional filters, and at the same time meets photographers' two requirements for extending exposure time and eliminating harmful polarized light, Great tool for landscape photography
11. MCUV filter: When shooting in broad environments such as mountains, distant scenes, and high altitudes, due to the high color temperature and the increased proportion of blue wavelengths and ultraviolet rays, the captured image will be bluish, and the yellow-red is underexposed. Use the MCUV filter It can effectively reduce the blue tone and blue-gray tone caused by ultraviolet rays, increase the transmittance, and make the picture quality clearer
12. Note: The product only contains filters, no other
13. Applicable models: for Mini 3 Pro
14. Weight: about 1g

Non-destructive and quick installation:
1. Remove the original lens cap
2. Align the filter with the hole and rotate clockwise
3. Installation is complete