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Sunnylife GS394 For Mini 3 Pro DJI RC With Screen Remote Control Lanyard(Black)

SKU TBD0602669901A
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1. Universal remote control; suitable for DJI RC/DJI RC PRO/DJI remote control with screen
2. Leather lanyard, low-key matte texture, delicate touch; precision craftsmanship, safe and reliable
3. Foldable hanging buckle, no need to disassemble and store; no need to repeatedly disassemble and install the hanging buckle, it can be directly stored with the remote control
4. Comfortable decompression, release hands, safe and reliable
5. High-strength metal buckle, thread locking; durable, tightly installed, more assured to use
6. A soft gasket is attached to prevent scratching the remote control
7. Microfiber lining, delicate and soft, comfortable texture
8. High-density braided belt, wear-resistant, long-term carrying, durable
9. Metal-resistant hook, high strength and strong bearing capacity
10. Exquisite craftsmanship, tight sewing, strict edging
11. Material: PU leather
12. Applicable models: suitable for Mini 3 Pro
13. Fold length: 62.5-80cm
14. Gross weight: 72g