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Sunnylife FT86 Amphibious Raised Lifting Float Tripod Kit For DJI Mavic Air2 / 2S(Red)

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1. Water take-off and landing buoyancy device: Allow your drone to take off and land in slightly turbulent or calm water, wet environment, and enjoy the fun of water shooting; it can also take off and land smoothly on land
2. The effective height is increased by about 94mm, making it safer to take off and land on the water
3. The outer eight-structure pontoon prevents the camera from entering the picture and does not interfere with the shooting at all; the outer eight-structure tripod makes the take-off and landing more stable and safe
4. Inflatable buoy: one-way valve valve, good air tightness, long-term use is not easy to leak
5. Increase the distance between the drone and the water surface to effectively avoid getting the drone wet or dirty
6. Precise mold opening, stable installation, and firm locking of the fuselage is safer
7. Applicable models: for Air 2S / DJI Mavic Air 2
8. Material: PVC + plastic
9. Note: When installing the pontoon, be sure to point the end with the air nozzle towards the tail of the drone
10. Net weight: 142g
11. Gross weight: 263g

Packing list:
-.1 x base
-.1 x Pump
-.1 x screwdriver
-.2 x floats
-.4 x retaining ring
-.8 x screws