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Sunnylife For Mini 3 Pro DJI RC Remote Control Silicone Protective Case, Style: Without Hood (Black)

SKU TBD0602642503
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1. Silicone protective case with hood, which can not only protect the remote control, screen, but also effectively block light
2. Anti-slip texture design. When flying outdoors, it can effectively prevent the hands from sweating and slipping, and it is safer and more comfortable to hold.
3. Reserve antenna holes, which will not affect the signal
4. Anti-scratch, anti-drop and dust-proof, soft silicone protective cover to prevent foreign objects from colliding and scratching the remote control
5. Reinforcing rib design, can be kneaded at will, not collapsed or deformed
6. Soft silicone hood, does not affect the joystick
7. Easy to disassemble and install, tear-resistant and not deformed
8. Special surface treatment, beautiful and elegant, silky feel, easy to clean
9. Applicable models: suitable for Mini 3 Pro DJI RC
10. Material: Silicone
11. Note: The product only includes protective case, nothing else
12. Net weight: with hood: 60g, without hood: 88g
13. Gross weight: with hood: 67g, without hood: 94g