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Sunnylife Drone+Remote Control Protective Sticker For DJI Mini 3 Pro RC Version( Time Gate)

SKU TBD0602464202C
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1. Exquisite pattern printing, a variety of cool patterns are optional.
2. Outdoor ink, durable and beautiful, not easy to fade.
3. The sticker can be removed, and it can be pasted repeatedly without leaving glue.
4. There is an air guide groove on the back, which is convenient for handling air bubbles and making it easier to fit.
5. Applicable models: suitable for DJI Mini 3 Pro Standard Edition/Mini 3 Pro with Screen
6. Precautions for use:
-1. First clean the fuselage with the film accessories bag, do not have moisture and dust on the surface, then compare the sticker and the fuselage, select the corresponding position of each sticker, tear it off and stick it on the corresponding position Tear off and repeat the paste.
-2. If there is a raised part on the edge, please press it with your hand and heat it with a hot hair dryer, and press it until it completely fits the body.