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Suitable for EPSON Epson Bluetooth Active Shutter 3D Glasses

by Sunsky
SKU TBD01040175
  • Display Number:None
  • Controllers:No
  • Camera:No
  • Gesture Recognition:No
  • Real-time Map Construction:No
  • Wireless network Type:NO
  • FOV:178
  • Base Stations:No
  • Compatible Device:No
  • All-in-one Virtual Reality Glasses:No
  • Set Type:Glasses Only
  • Bundle:Bundle 1
  • Sensor Type:ASEG
  • Brand Name:ZIICOYO
  • 3D Glasses Type:Shutter
(1) Universal 3D glasses, suitable for 3D TV and Epson projector with bluetooth transmitter
(2) No emitter is required
(3) Light weight, convenient & comfortable wearing
(4) Brilliant design, anti-interference
(5) High quality chipset built in, provides fast working
(6) Excellent LCD lenses offer bright and sharp 3D experience
(7) With newest active shutter technology, high definition and no flickering
(8) Low-power alarm, auto power off function
(9) Smart synchronization of working frequency
(10) Rechargeable