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STARTRC Upgrade Bike Handlebar Fixed Mount Holder For DJI Action 3 / Action 2 / OSMO Action (Black)

Original price $5.95 - Original price $5.95
Original price
$5.95 - $5.95
Current price $5.95
1. Made of racing steel, wear-resistant and durable
2. Light weight, small size, easy to carry and use.
3. Function Attach the camera housing firmly to the handlebar seat post.
4. With a tripod adapter adapter and a 1/4 adapter, customers can use it according to their equipment, and have a variety of choices.
5. Widely used to install panoramic cameras, sports cameras, mobile phones, convenient for my perspective shooting, can be used for live broadcast, selfie, etc.

Package List
1. Bicycle stand x 1
2. M5 screw x 1
3. 1/4 adapter x 1
4. Spacer x 1
5. Box x 1