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SINOTIMER Single-Phase Self-Duplex Intelligent Over-Pressure Protector(SVP-60)

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1. Self-recovery over-voltage and under-voltage protection
2. When the power supply is unstable, the protection function is automatically activated, and when the voltage exceeds the limit range, it will be automatically cut off to protect the safety of electrical equipment and personnel
3. After the power returns to normal, power on again after 1 minute
4. When the power supply is normal, a green indicator light will be displayed, and a red indicator light will be displayed when the power supply is over-voltage or under-voltage
5. Mainly used for over-voltage, under-voltage or over-current protection of residential sub-boxes or incoming lines of distribution lines that need protection for single-phase electrical equipment
6. Rated voltage: AC 230V
7. Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
8. Through current: up to 40A
9. Power consumption: less than 2W
10. Installation: 35mm rail
11. Size: about 7.7x3.5x4.5cm