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by Rapoo

Rapoo X1800PRO 104 Keys Waterproof Multimedia Wireless Keyboard Mouse Set

SKU TBD0602362801A
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color: Black

1. Anti-interference 2.4G wireless transmission, stable and reliable transmission, more extensive adaptation equipment
2. Low power consumption processing chip, high efficiency and energy saving, good battery life
3. 12 multimedia shortcut keys, laser engraved keycaps, not easy to fade, clear and wear-resistant, long-lasting
4. Splash-proof design, there are 8 drainage holes at the bottom of the keyboard, which can quickly drain the accidentally spilled liquid to protect the keyboard
5. Number of keys: 104 keys
6. Button travel: 3.6mm
7. Transmission mode: wireless 2.4G
8. Power supply mode: 1 x AA battery (not included in the product)
9. Dimensions: 435.75 x 157.01 x 29.73mm
10. Weight: 532.5g

1. Symmetrical ergonomics for the left and right hands, the mouse is exquisite and compact, with rounded curves, and it is comfortable to operate for a long time
2. Frosted upper cover, delicate touch, anti-sweat and non-slip, comfortable to hold
3. 1000DPI, multi-surface application, accurate positioning, sensitive control
4. Wheel direction: bidirectional
5. How it works: optical engine
6. Number of keys: 3 keys
7. Power supply mode: 1 x AA battery (not included in the product)
8. Dimensions: 98 x 62.7 x 40.2mm
9. Weight: 66.1g