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QKZ T1 8 Core TC Silver Plated 3.5mm 0.75mm 2PIN HIFI Earphone Update Cable(Brown)

SKU EDA003342401C
by QKZ
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1. Silver-plated core, hand-woven, truly professional silver-plated earphone wire is the must have of every hardcore music lover.
2. The sound is delicate and natural, full and round, female voice expressiveness is in place, smooth and delicate, sufficient resolution, middle and low frequency details, line sense and sound field clarity, transparency, and authenticity are quite outstanding. .
3. Silver plated oxygen-free copper core and PVC coating, is more resistant to wear and tear and has a longer service life than ordinary materials.
4. Improve music resolution, improve high-frequency extension performance.The metal memory wire can be adjusted to a suitable shape according to the curvature of the auricle, ensuring a stable and comfortable wearing. and extend the life of the headset.
5. Specification:
Cable length: 1.2m
Plug 3.5mm gold plated pin
Pin: 0.75mm gold plated pin
Material: silver plated oxygen-free copper core and PVC coating
Wire core: 25 cores for single strand and 200 cores for stereotyped writing