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Qianli iSocket Motherboard Layered Test Fixture For iPhone 11 Series

SKU EDA004452001
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1. Suitable for iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max
2. Solve the problem of maintenance personnel is testing of layered motherboards, save a lot of complicated processes, and make motherboard testing simple and fast
3. Reasonable use of limited space design, non-market patchwork, more stable design with heart
4. Simple and fast operation, easy to use
5. iSocket is designed in a light and compact shape, which can be directly placed under the microscope for observation to improve work efficiency
6. There is a middle frame, no need to place spacers, and the RF main board, pin board, and logic main board are laminated and stacked on the test frame base in turn
7. For use without a middle frame, first, place the gasket on the base of the test frame, and then place the RF motherboard, pin board, and logic motherboard on the base of the test frame
8. The double-headed probe accurately aligns the small holes to improve the contact performance, the fixed buckle is buckled, the motherboard does not warp, and the test data is more accurate
9. High-precision CNC machine tool processing, control of every detail
10. Using a high-quality beryllium copper spring probe, good conductivity, product overload stability, small deviation of detection value, more accurate, the tapered probe is not easy to get rosin, solder
11. The selection of materials for each component has undergone strict experimental tests, with high hardness, not easy to deform, and maximizes service life