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PULUZ Wireless Lavalier Noise Reduction Reverb Microphones for Type-C Phone, Type-C Receiver and Dual Microphones (Black)

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1. Plug & play: Easy to use, switch on and plug in the receiver to connect automatically. The cell phone microphone has a mini body, it is an easy clip-on mic and enhances personal privacy protection, portable storage bag allows you to take it anywhere. This clip-on mic is a tailored gift for whom loves live stream, vlogging, recording video, etc.
2. Compatible Android devices: Wireless lapel microphone compatible for Android phone/ tablet with USB Type-C port, suitable for Samsung S21 / S20, Note 21/20, LG G8 / G7, OnePlus 8, Samsung Tab S7 / S6 / S6 Plus, A7 etc. and laptop with USB-C port (Support OTG function).
3. Performance wireless system: The transmission mic built in rechargeable battery. 20m/65Ft Barrier-free connection, 360 degree omnidirectional sound reception, recording every detail.
4. Noise reduction: Omnidirectional cell phone microphone with professional-grade noise reduction chips and wind muff, enjoy intelligent noise reduction technology, effective identification of the original sound, clear recording in noisy environment.
5. Real-time auto-sync technology: The wireless mic supports multi-channel real-time mixing, it can synchronize the background music for phone and human voice in real time, reduce the video post-editing, offers professional full band audio.
6. Support phone charging: The receiver with input charging interface, support phone charging.

Performance parameters:
1. Chip: Professional 2.4GHz wireless microphone chip
2. Microphone Sensitivity: -38dbm
3. Normal mode recording sample rate: 44.1K
4. Noise reduction mode recording sampling rate: 32K
5. Transmit power(MAX): 10dbm
6. Indoor barrier-free straight distance: 15-20 meters
7. Outdoor barrier-free straight distance: About 10 meters
8. Charging port: Type-C
9. Material: ABS

The working current parameters of the transmitter (TX):
1. Battery capacity: 70mAh (LIR1254)
2. Power off power consumption: 2.6uA
3. Power consumption: 4mA (Power on no pairing with the receiver )
4. Power consumption: 10mA (Power on and pairing with the receiver)
5. Power consumption: 6mA(Entering silent mode )
6. Charging current: 70mA

The working current parameters of the transmitter (RX):
- Power consumption: 16mA(Plug-in phone)