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PULUZ Wireless Lavalier Microphone for Type-C Phone, Type-C Receiver(Black)

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1. Wireless pickup microphone 2.4G: wireless connection, can provide up to 48K high-fidelity recording
2. Low latency: no sense of delay recording
3. ENC is enabled by default: Excellent noise reduction performance, easy to record in noisy environments without noise interference
4. BT mode: In BT mode, it can be used for karaoke, adding background sound during recording, etc.
5. Dodging function: When connected to BT to play music, turning on the function recording can automatically suppress background Bluetooth music
6. Reverb function: Turn on the reverb to make the sound more infectious
7. Battery life: 300mAh high-capacity battery, continuous recording for 12 hours at a time.

1. Product Type: Lavalier Wireless Microphone
2. Channel system: One Microphone one Receiver
3. Control method: Button
4. Active and passive: Active
5. 2.4G solution: Jerry AD6976M4
6. Working system: GFSK
7. Working frequency: 2.4G-2.4835GHZ
8. Radio sensitivity: -38db Effective distance: Greater than or equal to 10 meters
9. Transmitter shutdown power consumption: 2ua
10. Transmitter power consumption (video mode): 25ma
11. Transmitter power consumption (Bluetooth mode): 30-40ma
12. Receiver power consumption: 16ma
13. Receiver charging current for mobile phone: 1000ma
14. Microphone signal-to-noise ratio: Greater than or equal to 65db
15. Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
16. Monitoring: One-way monitoring
17. Microphone: Electret
18. Battery: 300mAh
19. Talk time: More than 10 hours
20. Standby time: (off state): 6 months
21. Charging input standard: DC-5V/MAX 200+/-10mA
22. Charging time: 1.5-2 hours