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PULUZ Adjustable Head Strap Belt Mount with Phone Clamp & J Hook Mount & Long Screw

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$8.95 - $8.95
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1. Two-position shooting, length and angle adjustable
2. Adjustable upper headband
3. One machine is multi-purpose, and the parts can be disassembled into hat clips. To remove, pull one end and take it out along the notch.
4. Rotatable design
5. Fits most action cameras
6. Multi-scene use, skateboarding, cycling, running, Vlog, etc.
7. Quick release buckle design, not hurting hands. Hold the buckle and turn the lock clockwise
8. Ventilation design, choose Lycra fabric wrapping, absorb sweat
9. Non-slip silicone, increase friction, not easy to fall
10. Material: PC styrene-butadiene rubber
11. Compatible with: most action cameras