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ProsKit SD-9857M 57 In 1 Repair Screwdriver Set Phone Computer Disassembly Tools

SKU TBD06035432
by ProsKit
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1. 3-stage adjustable extension bar, extension length up to 115mm, convenient for narrow space operation
2. Adapters can replace multiple screwdriver heads for multiple applications
3. Rotating tail cap design, flexible rotation, locking and retracting screws more quickly and conveniently
4. Non-slip two-color handle, ergonomic, comfortable operation
5. Durable storage box, systematic storage of each screwdriver head, easy to carry
6. 24 pieces 1/4 inch screwdriver head, suitable for home, office, PC, bicycle and other electronic and electrical fields
7. 30 pieces of 4mm precision screwdriver heads for products such as flatbed, game machine, computer, cell phone, etc.
8. Size: about 15.2 x 9.6 x 4.2 cm
9. Weight: about 1000g
10. Note: this product only contains the screwdriver set, excluding other products