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ProsKit PD-398 14 In 1 Carved Paper Hand Carving Knife Set

SKU TBD0603550702
by ProsKit
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1. 3 different sizes of handles for easy operation
2. 27 blades of different shapes for different functions
3. Comfortable handle grip, can be used for a long time
4. Turn the front of the handle can be simple and easy to replace the blade
5. Magnet way adsorption storage blade, neat and beautiful, the blade is not easy to lose
6. Blade material: SK5
7. Handle material: TPR
8. Hardness: about 42 degrees
9. Size: about 20 x 4.5 x 13.5cm
10. Weight: about 1000g

1. Aluminum alloy handle with PVC anti-slip cover and flexible rotating tailcap, comfortable grip and light operation
2. 13 SK5 replaceable blades, five styles, sharp and durable, to meet the needs of different applications
3. With blade positioning bullet hanging slot design, compact and lightweight, easy to carry, easy to store
4. Specially developed for engraving crafts, paper cutting, plastic and other delicate tool set
5. Blade material: SK5 + aluminum alloy
6. Handle material: aluminum alloy
7. Size: about 15.1 x 8.3 x 2.5cm
8. Weight: about 300g